Okay, Links to all my fave sites.

But I hope to add more, faves and others that are willing to let me link them.

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Online comics

sftiny-b-chrome.gif (4620 bytes)
It's one of the longest running on the web since.

mermaid.gif (73177 bytes)
And the host that it's basied on
left_menu.jpg (8776 bytes)

cds_banner.JPG (11214 bytes)
One of my fave sights out there, Love the way the story is unfolding, but you have to see for your self what's going on.

therebeelves.jpg (18424 bytes)

title.gif (8152 bytes)
This one you have to go and see for you self, but it's very good.

lang.jpg (377886 bytes)
Another must see, and nice down to home story.

cychron.jpg (15164 bytes)
Nice strips there, gets a bit confusing unless you go there and read the back storys.

spot-exploitationnow-sm.gif (2185 bytes)
See for you self

banner_drowlings2.gif (3465 bytes)
Don't ask, just see for your self.

Ghost-Banner3.gif (13269 bytes)
See advive on the above banner-link.


bannerbiganim.gif (259368 bytes)
Spoof of the year if you ask me, but it's still a kick to read.

gnews-elflife-June2001.gif (40007 bytes)
More elves, but watch out this one get's funky at times.

Zebra_2520Banner.gif (88792 bytes)
Okay.....? (Link updated)

sofbanner.jpg (9778 bytes)
Very styleish. Very acompleshed.

bn_long.JPG (14126 bytes)
And the bad thing is?

ocha_yellow_ani.gif (19707 bytes)
Ahh yes. The all too famillar story about pirtes, bounty hunters, and an Alien girl that he has the hots for, even if she has hoves for feet.

eebanner.jpg (12549 bytes)
Weird setting, but great story so far.

la200by40banner.gif (2285 bytes)
See answer from above.

banner.jpg (17243 bytes)
See answer from above.


Banner_copy.gif (17953 bytes)

8bit.gif (2317 bytes)

banjung.jpg (9527 bytes)

bannerCoC.jpg (21860 bytes)

bannerRTS.gif (4786 bytes)

Banner-TMM.jpg (9030 bytes)

bn_outsider2.gif (7590 bytes)

brian_200x40.jpg (5700 bytes)

cotc_fantasy.gif (3115 bytes)

debutton.gif (13290 bytes)
This one has just Updated!
(OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! It's a sign of the end times.

DR_Banner1.gif (5250 bytes)

button1.jpg (5712 bytes)

lotmb2.gif (8624 bytes)

sapheire.jpg (7855 bytes)

soibanner.gif (35811 bytes)

Life of Wily: Megaman and his pals. Getting it done, the hard way.

pvp468x60B.gif (25616 bytes)

joelogo.jpg (14001 bytes)
A Beutfuil alien Princess, A triger happy space pairet, a masisive galactic Conspiracy, and one poor alien adducted human in the middle of it all.
Can it get any better?

banner-AV.gif (3893 bytes)
New town, new people, new freaks;
that's what you get from moving.

banner-Locker.gif (24885 bytes)
That's pretty much how I felt about going through school.
(Grade schoo, Jr. High, High School....etc.)

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Artiest pages

le_wellbanner.gif (18911 bytes)
This IS a must see, plus check out Outsider.

banner2.gif (8603 bytes)
You must go here, she's been around for years now.
One think I love is her style of work. Look at it.
Check out her comic.

bannersmall.jpg (13044 bytes)
Another Personal fave.

cheetban.gif (5015 bytes)
Love the comics, but you have to buy them.

LairBan7.jpg (18601 bytes)
You just got to love her gargoyle works and her dragons.
They are some of the best anywhere.

bttn-generic3.gif (8296 bytes)

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cool.jpg (19849 bytes)
Mewtwo's Reign, I sujest the Tale (Fanfic) of damaged.
It's the best one there.
Also if you highlight this one, you can see him in his real colors. Or close to it.

MT_banner.jpg (15294 bytes)

She's got lots of links and info, but her sight is a going under a bit of remodling in some places

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Feedworld.gif (1304 bytes)
Give me time to find it's link.

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tpoo2.gif (60562 bytes)

pikachickfront.gif (12027 bytes)
It's Rated G, mostly kids will want to see it.



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Anthros/Animal Morphs

aw.gif (87521 bytes)

Can't find a small enought banner from them.

yerfnow.gif (1912 bytes)
vclbanner.gif (922 bytes)
Two very good sorces of moprh pics and some stories.

furfire_banner10.gif (5804 bytes)
I know it's a comic, but I put it here because this end needed more in it.

shban5.jpg (8583 bytes)
Same with this one.

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Online Multi-player games/Massive Multi

_main_a1.jpg (16564 bytes)
The Only RTS (Real Time Strategy) with a very well established Massive Multi-player system. It's a riot to play.
First 2 weeks are free.
Please use "MercenaryX"
as Reference, without quote marks please.

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Get backstage with Insider
My favoret place for info about:
you have to go there and see for your self what I mean.
It's worth the subscrption

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